Test riding the Jesse Wellens Super 73 Lithium Electric Bike. Worlds best bike.


  1. Hayden Thompson

    I watch all of Brett's videos just to see if crazy James is in them

  2. Bruh it should be 111k subscribers

  3. I have a question Brett cause you've talked with one of the founders. If I'm seriously thinking of buying one of these, where do you think I could park it when I'm out and about in the city (like do you lock it up to a bike rack? – is there a self lock?). I'm seriously thinking of spending a good chunk of my savings on this bad boy.

  4. Are you Italian?

  5. rather have a huffy

  6. Yo, that thumbnail tho! Love it!

  7. Starts at 3:25

  8. Hell yeah good song and sick fountain at 6:40

  9. The first thing I realized about the playground is that a Law & Order SVU scene was shot there lol

  10. B o b b y E l i e / Shadley Joanis

    crazy how brett can easily get boostedboard but he chooses to skate with his board


    Can you ride it without pedalling like just Turning on the throttle and going


  13. My first time meeting Brett was 2 months ago with Luis Mora, both extremely chill dudes and gnarly ass skaters keep up the grind man, we need more people inspiring skaters

  14. Randy Rodriguez

    man the rose ave one is a amazing design

  15. ROCK ONE OF THOSE! Strap your board on one of those back tire racks along with a stack of decks to take to the skate park and make mini contests to win them!!

  16. Cool content

  17. JcBoSs legendary

    hey Brett I have an idea u should get me one of those bikes :). 🙁 I want one lol

  18. I think your content would be so much better if you moved to L.A

  19. am I the only one who thinks these bikes are HIDEOUS?!?!

  20. Minimalist Films

    This is the first video I've watched on this channel, super cool. Subscribed

  21. i am new subed and liked

  22. The 80D is awesome

  23. ur blogs are so good that i had to put post notification on..

  24. Andrew Gonsalez

    love your videos

  25. Dope video Brett! And congrats on 11K. 💯I hope I could get there one day 👌🏽

  26. Charlie Rutter

    Nice Brett! ✌

  27. Does anyone even watch the video first before liking it?

    I think we've all graduated beyond that stage lol

  28. I feel as if I was that one guy that felt he was subscribed already but in reality wasn't and had to check when he said it lmaoooo

  29. Thumbnail Game Strong!

  30. "have you ever seen a white boy dance that well" I LOVE YOU BRETT

  31. Akiro Maderias

    DUUUDE! get out and get buissy.

  32. love your videos!!

  33. Hell yeah!!! You guys are all killing the game!! <3

  34. brett i have been watchin you for a couple weeks and you have gained a couple thousand! you are going to blow up, props to you man.

    ps. i love the brand, and your boards can wait for my next pay check so i can grab my self one.

  35. These bikes look amazing! So stylish! Great video Brett! Have a great day! 🙂

  36. man I wish I had that bike 😭😭

  37. Thanks for keeping your videos up. Love your content man. Say hi To Sara from me.

  38. Doing that John Hill shit.

  39. Those bikes look so fun

  40. Ferdinand Zebua

    Wait wait, so Sam Sheffer has taken over Casey Neistat's annex-office? This needs to be investigated.

  41. Hello I won the 10k giveaway and I dm'd you on Instagram, but I want to make sure you got my address. My Instagram is @lizzycook. Thanks so much I love your content:))

  42. you finally give me something worth watching brett.

  43. The whole NYC youtube squad should collaborate and make a scripted, directed, acted, real deal short film or something. Brett Contenti, Sammy Sheff, Erik Cons, Sara Peachy, the whole gang. You should all collaborate and make a movie about that young creative life in NYC. Then you'll get super famous and Casey Neistat won't be able to knock on your door, haha. By the way, Casey seems like a cool guy but I think the money and fame is getting to him just a little bit. I mean I don't know, but those signs on his door were a bit much. Don't knock or he'll call the cops? Wow, hahaha.

  44. Peter Parker?

  45. that NYCFAM 🤙🔥

  46. Much love from Houston, homie! You killin' it on these daily videos! I just finished watching your 7/11 slurpee day vlog. Shoutout to goofy skaters btw. Stoked for next Tuesday!

  47. where can I find a crazy James street part?

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