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I enjoy making videos and more importantly love riding bikes! Ive been riding since i was a kid for fun but got competitive in the last few years. I hope you enjoy watching me as a rider and content creator improve over time.


  1. I'm pretty sure the Recon Silver RL that come with the Marin is an air shock. It uses Solo Air thing. The TK version is coil.

  2. Mehdi Mahmoudi

    in my countri whit 2000 dollars you can get acarbon frame bike or a dh carbon bike

  3. love the videos, but one small suggestion is have brands and models displayed with each bike, it makes it a lot easier to track with the video. Otherwise, great videos! I've been mountain biking since the 90's and it's hard to get good, succinct advice about a bikes and bike gear, which you do quite well. keep it up!

  4. Артём Смык

    You probably have never heard of b'twin brand,they make bikes under 1000 euro and those are cracking bikes

  5. budget only 1500$

  6. Thanks for the quick rundown on these entry suspension bikes. FYI: Marin is pronounced muh rin, accent on the 2nd syllable.

  7. What about the calibre bossnut and the Boardman team FS? (If u have them in the US)

  8. You should of included a voodoo canzo for £750

  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick

    hey, voodoo canzo is baller for the price. awesome bike

  10. Good content TC. I have a Specialized XC, GT Sensor Expert 29er, and Motobecane HAL Boost Team with SRAM Eagle drive train and Shimano XT brakes, and the Moto 's offer tremendous value for the price. For the savings, use the extra $2k to travel and ride someplace on your bucket list!

  11. If any1 wants one budget research rockrider 520s great for the money 120 front and back for £370

  12. Thank you for the info. You're the second person (on Youtube) who likes and recommends the Moto Hal5..
    It may end up being my first mountain bike purchase! Cheers!

  13. those bikes are not cheap

  14. What about the boardman team fs? They are around that price.

  15. Also look at the s/h market there's some incredible machines out there for a couple hundred if you don't mind a few scuffs and scratches . 😎

  16. Hell, anything at $1300 is not cheap!

  17. Get a giant trance

  18. i got my ram bike for 420 euros and its awesome

  19. What trail is this? I live in WA as well and I've only been to paradise valley.

  20. Anyone ever encounter a bear on a trail? I had a pretty close encounter the other day and I'm shook.

  21. Patrick Monaghan

    what about the BULLS Wild One

  22. voodoo zobop ???

  23. What about rock machine blizzard 70?

  24. Get a second hand

  25. B-twin full suspension is good

  26. Ibai zubiaurre

    The firts video I see who says wich are the cheapest full suspension Mtb!!!! Now i can be ok, Thanks!!!! And good video!!!!

  27. Łukasz Piotrowski

    Focus Vice Pro is best choice in this budget.

  28. Whe you guys said cheap i'm thinking in the range of $79-$275.00 USD for a Full Suspension Mtn Bike. Now that's cheap!

  29. anyone tried a btwin ?????

  30. what bike do you have now and how much $$

  31. Hi

    Whats your thoughts on the Norco optic 9.1 29erfor £2000 🇬🇧 ?? Ive had a fattie specialised fuse expert 27.5 650b+ 3" n the rear wheel keeps failing 8 times now.

  32. What about the giant stance 2

  33. dragonfirechimeravids

    I just got , the polygon siskiu d7 , 120mm travel , silver solo fork, epixon rear shock. by the current conversion rate it is $1080.43. It comes with deore xt 2x system and 180mm brake rotors.only real downside is the pedal bob.

  34. hi mate… can you post the list of bikes and maybe some links to their descriptions?
    Thx… nice vid

  35. Actually, Canyon Neuron is awesome fully if you live outside us. It will come to us in autumn. It has really nice specs and starting price starts at €1199.

  36. Are you gonna do a bike giveaway

  37. you can get the Fuji for 1099 from bikes direct… but performance will match that price if you want a local bike store. I got the fuji and put on CB cobalt 3 for under 1500. great bike

  38. elliottbargiel2023

    Why does this guy sound like tyler joseph from twenty one pilots

  39. 26ers or 29er?

  40. i cant find the last bike that you mentioned, online? Its Hell 5 comp right?

  41. I like the look of these cross country bikes with full suspension. could it be good for street riding and excersise?

  42. honestly I would've added the specialized camber Ik it's around 1.8k but it's possible to find from around the price of 1.6k

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