Best Bikes £1500-2000 – Top 3 – Bike of the Year 2016

Best Bikes £1500-2000 – Top 3 – Bike of the Year 2016


Cycling Plus’ annual search for the best road bike has come to an end. This year, it’s been split over four different price groups, with this one looking at bikes priced £1500-2000, which is about US$2000-2800.

Bikes tested in this category –

Specialized Tarmac Comp
Scott Solace 20
Rose Zeon Team CGF-4400
Ridley Fenix SL50
Merida Ride Disc
Mekk Poggio 2.8
GT Grade Carbon
Giant Propel Advanced 1
Genesis Zero 105
Cervélo R2
Cannondale CAAD12 Disc Ultegra
Boardman Road Pro Carbon SLR
BMC SLR02 105
Bianchi Freccia Celeste

This video contains paid product placements on behalf of Witter Towbar Systems, Giro, Altura and Bell.


  1. Wheres the reviews, this is just pub chatter straight from the spec sheets.

  2. Thanks for all the reviews, opinions are great, will keep watching and reading z

  3. just wondering theirs couple of cannondales in this yrs bike of the year and why is their no cannondale super six on the 1500-2000 ? i get it that the ultergra disc have more bang for the buck per say how ever is it much difference between caad 12 ultegra disk and supersix ?

  4. Jonathan Wilkinson

    How's the Caad12 compare to the Synapse SM for comfort? Really…

  5. I own the R2 and I can say with confidence that its a high quality bike that is fast on the flats and a great climber too.

  6. just getting into cycling and local shop has a caad 10 selling for $100 less than a $1600 R2 Canadian $$. Assuming both feel the same and I believe they have identical running gear does one have a leg up on the other?

  7. can't find the caad12 in us around me=(

  8. When you can get a carbon fiber Di2 bike with sick wheels from Ribble for sub £2k, these 3 bikes seem absolutely crap. I am shocked at Bike Radar for this list

  9. Thanks for the grèat review it made my mind up just bought the R2 in black .

  10. If I had to choose, I would not choose BMC again. It is a great looking bike, especially with high profile wheels, but the durability is at question. I would consider Cervelo instead. It is a classy bike with "pencil" seatstays. CADD 12 is not an option though – more like a compromise of some hi-tech and marketing for wannabe cyclists.

  11. it's weird, i tried the telepathic of SLR, i look at it and wanting to buy it but its pricetag didnt go down at all.

  12. There is such a massive amount of bikes in this price range, and each and every one of us has the best bike. To be honest we do, as we all are individuals, each one has chosen the best for each and everyone of us. What looks good on paper might not be good under our backside or fit your style of riding. These days we're tripping over bike shops in the high street so you got the cash, test ride!

  13. These reviews are an OK starting point, but please don't buy any bike until you have tried as many styles, types and sizes and have received unbiased advice and sound bike fitting guidance.
    For me the Specialized Tarmac SL4 is 10/10. But I only came to this bike after trying maybe 20 or so different brands.
    Buy what is right for you and your body.

  14. nice one, thanks!

  15. Amazing to see how often BMC & Cannondale feature across the price ranges, must be doing a lot right!

  16. 04:30 LOOK AT THAT [Heavy Breathing]

  17. Where did you go test all these bikes? It looks like a great bit of road through the hills

  18. 3:40 whats with the cat poster in the background?

  19. is the bmc carbon frame?

  20. Much prefer the pedalling style of the guy in this video. Not so much the other guy in the previous 2 videos – no offense to that gentleman but he didn't look as powerful and was hopping around everywhere out of the saddle

  21. Love that BMC blue, really wish it had disc brakes. If it did I'd sell my soul to get it.

  22. Stephen Sanders

    Are bike paint schemes that dull now that a blue bike is divisive ?

  23. are these tests undertaken on gospel pass,because it sure looks like?

  24. now these are some good bikes

  25. Just Passin' Through

    Hi guys. Do you publish a list of all bikes in the different categories so we can see which others were tested and bettered by the top 3? Cheers

  26. Could've sworn I heard "Here we have Dan Lloyd from the Cervelo Test Team"

  27. It's interesting that they pull the saddle up for their photos then when they're riding pushing it back down!
    Feeling insecure about your saddle height and reach measurements?!

  28. Is the caad12 105, a good bike for new riders in the sport?

  29. No Canyon tested in this price range? Think they are forbidden to show Canyon in video's, weird because on the site they get the best reviews!

  30. Cannondale fan boys, no Cube bikes in any of the categories, look at the level of spec on the cubes they far outclass the rest for the same money.

  31. oh yes!! we needed this!! thank you! and especially thank you for doing different videos for different prices!! 😀

  32. Love Warren in the openings of these.

  33. the electric blue is starting to grow on me

  34. Have you ever ridden the bianchi sempre pro?

  35. la cannondale es la más hermosa de todas

  36. Cannondale please take note. While you continue to put Aksium wheels on bikes costing thousands I will never buy one. Ksyrium elites should be on that bike not entry level wheels.

  37. Warren has looked more interested…

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