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Mountain Bike
If you’re just getting into the sport then it’s important to get the the best mountain bike you can afford. If your budget is tight, here are six ...

BMX Bike
This is a video of all the best bmx bikes, not in any order just the most high end bmx bikes on the market. The Best Bmx Bikes! ...

Road Bike
In their search for the very best road bike of 2017, Cycling Plus collected a few arch rivals in five different categories and pitted them against each other. ...

Folding Bike
More videos of bicycles ...

Electric Bicycle
Electric bikes can be great for transport, mobility and fun! The e bikes are extremely fast, have long lasting battery lives (with relatively quick charging) and can be ...

Mountain Bike
Holy moly this was a thrilling ride. My final day on the Evil Wreckoning thanks to Fanatik Bike Co. in Bellingham. STRAP IN. I’m only able to live ...