Aero Vs Light Vs Endurance – What Type Of Road Bike Should You Buy?

Aero Vs Light Vs Endurance – What Type Of Road Bike Should You Buy?


Should you choose an aero bike, an endurance bike or a lightweight, climbing bike? Find out in our road bike buyer’s guide…

With a range of options on the market these days, choosing the right road bike for you can be difficult. Don’t worry, though, we’re here to help. So, should you choose an aero bike, an endurance bike or a lightweight bike? Check out the video, find out, and, finally let us know what bike you ride down in the comments!

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  1. PusdienlaikaŠovs

    How I choose bikes: Whatever is cheap on craigslist.

  2. Iroquis Ramillano

    hi gcn i would like to ask an advice if i had my first roadbike and it has 7 speed cogset shall i changed it to 10speed or just leave it 7 speed? reply me soon so i will have the right choice to make thank you:)

  3. InDonald WeTrump

    My one tip that wasn't on this video, buy a mountain bike not a road bike

  4. 3:34 why doesn't that bike have any rear brakes?

  5. The Nordic Stag

    For riding with groups, clubs, and events I've found my bike to be wonderful for it. Now I THINK it would classify more as an endurance bike, but I'm not sure exactly… 2001 Giant OCR 3, so.

  6. or you can buy 1 of each 😉

  7. your importance list for cycling should be like that:
    1. safety
    2. comfort
    3. speed
    4. charisma

  8. How can I understand my KTM STRADA 2000 is endurance or lightweight ?

  9. please make a video of flat bar road bikess

  10. you guys forgot flat bar bikes

  11. Bo Robin Larsen

    Hey gcn

    I a 27 year old male 🙂 i just whant to know . Can every One ride a Road bike ?

    Im 186 and 118 kg , i love to ride (i havnet ride in 2 years)

    I Think i gotta get a second hand bike
    (Alu) whit ultegra or better

    But Can every One just get One and ride it ?

  12. Mitchell Begeng

    1:48 is it supposed to look that flat?

  13. Ex pro!? He looks only 25.

  14. I've opted for a Giant Contend SL1 disc. Love it. Comfy and ideal for my needs

  15. endurance is the undermark of cheap or entry level ( giant , merida , bianchi )
    light is from a good bike level ( i love scott foil , trek , colnago , pinarello )
    aero is the best bike you can buy , i have one , it s so complex with brakes but the stiffness is so good ( look aerolight , canyon )

  16. Cannondale CAAD12 is aero ?

  17. is the cannondale CAAD12 an aero bike ?

  18. Thijs van den Broek

    i have an aero bike with new full carbon wheels 50mm high and ultegra. iam very happy with it and i think i ride it at least 4 years

  19. Where is tt bike?

  20. You can make a race bike with a more aggressive racing geometry into something more comfortable and endurance friendly. I used a 40mm stack of spacers, a short 70mm stem and, importantly, compact bars, which not only raise the drops but also bring the lever hoods nearer. All these changes together made a huge difference.

  21. can you actually test how quicker is aero bike on flat terrain in comparison to endurance and lightweight?

  22. If you think that most riders will be drafting during the level part of the stages and the biggest differences are made on the climbs (where aero drag is less important), maybe the pro's preference for a climbing bike is well justified. Unless you are the team's workhorse, or you don't mind signaling (from the very start of the stage) that your are trying a breakaway on that stage. Cheers

  23. The Orbea is so ugly !

  24. I might get a rim brake endurance bike

  25. i liked the last bit about listening to your heart

  26. Hi GCN, I need a little advice, is it safe to say that the Merida Ride is an endurance bike and the Merida Scultura is the light weight bike? Based on their geometry, Merida Ride has a slightly shorter reach and wheelbase than the Scultura. I'm planning to get a roadbike, i prefer the comfortable and more upright position. Thank you

  27. Aero bike with disc brakes would be very nice combination.Drive it efficiently during all weather conditions!

  28. Mohammed Chunawala

    if you are fat and your weight is more than 65kg , is it possible that after some time on the bike your tires can wear out or puncture?

  29. Hi GCN,

    For the budget concern, I can only get a full set of Shimano 105, mechanical shifting gear, and I have a dilemma choosing between types of my first road bike. For some reason, I've been heard that aero bikes are struggling when it comes to using traditional mechanical shifting gear(apart from electronic shifting gear). Do you have ever experienced any similar problems concerning the shifting difficulty or smoothness of the cable routing compared to electronic gear on an aero bike?

    Your advice will really help me choosing one and give it a shot if aerodynamic bikes fit my position.
    Thank you for advance!

    Jimmy S.P. Chou

  30. Wilf Goodfellow

    if I have an endurance bike but want to make it more areo is moving the headset to the bottom and spacers up going to help with that?

  31. Nathaniel Mateo

    Do these tires bend easily?

  32. Noizetranzformerz

    I have a question, want to buy a new bike but not which suits me more: my specialty is in the sprint and time trial peloton. I have to decide between these two bicycles: Specialized Allez Specialized Tarmac Sprint or Sl4? which recommend? in advance thank you very much look forward to your response.

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