7 Increibles Bicicletas Electricas Disponibles en 2017

7 Increibles Bicicletas Electricas Disponibles en 2017


Audi E-Bike
Greyp G12
Bolt M-1
Sondors E-Bike
Bultaco Brinco
Taurus E-Bike
Super 73


  1. William Pontin

    1:36 fucking hell was that iOS 6 .

  2. Internet Account

    10:03 I like how the most heavy duty, impressive and futuristic one has the goofy parlor music and is filmed with a potato, while all the lower power 500w yuppie commuters have obnoxious electronic music and studio quality filming.

  3. Szabolcs Szigligeti


  4. Electric bikes should be for the road and motorized dirt-bike trails only, and banned from mountain biking trails. Get a real mountain bike that you peddle only for the mountain biking trails, pussies.

    3:24 He dropped behind her, just so he could check out her ass, which is exactly what any red-blooded man would do. LOL

    It seems some of these are built for smurfs only… Those about 5'8" and under. Anyone over six feet tall would be very uncomfortable on one. Others could fit taller riders.

  5. Whats the point of a finger print scanner when a thief can just pick it up and run

  6. I am sorry, but sideburns and no other hair, I cannot take that serious.

  7. Satis Mentibus Obvia

    4:15 WTF are those sideburns! LOL dude shave those ''things''.

  8. The guy from San Francisco is there a place I can donate to get him to shave off his sideburns? Also the balloon tired bike riding in the mud is clearly not electric.

  9. Nr 2 is not electric

  10. scheiß musik

  11. ÖMG its Emily

    Only 5 of these are electric…

  12. the big wheeled bike is fuel powered it isn't electric

  13. Taurus ebike has smoke coming from it. Doesn't look like the others to me. Especially if it has an engine!!

  14. Taylor McCloskey

    what about theft prevention?

  15. The Last European

    Nr.1 has to be the uglyest bike I've ever seen

  16. Ad before video, after first…. After 2nd…. STOPPED! Never enough money for some people.

  17. bullshit just to collect clicks. The audi ebike is a prototype from 2012 and has never been commercialized.

  18. I wish they would just simplify these videos, get rid of the screaming music and arty camera angles, knock ten minutes off as well.

  19. No such thing as totally green.

  20. I just cannot take anyone serious in these videos.

  21. Nr.2 is gas powered.

  22. Aaah a carbon fiber Audi bike, we broke ova heej.

  23. super 73

  24. "carbon footprint"? What crap!
    "have you heard how Sonny's burning" ?

  25. vamos a ver! metéis una moto rusa ATV Taurus 2M , que es una moto…. vaya mierda de vídeo, la verdad….

  26. TheOneWhoTubes

    ATV bike: Moto 2×2
    as of now, in production but looking for distributors 2017

  27. No specs,no prices,just bullshit.

  28. 6:22 I'm hunting wabbits

  29. what's the music @8:20 for the Bultaco bikes?

  30. what is the name of the allterrain e bike?

  31. Tarus 10:05 muy buena, pero no es eléctrica. / Good bike but isn't electric.

  32. i wont 2 OF your bikes please email me 1uncledoug@gmail,com THANK YOU THE LAST OF THE VIDEO

  33. bigearedmouse17

    The Tarus 2m why buy anything else $1000

  34. Massimo Ruocco

    What is the name the last song?


    Genial , uno de motos por favor

  36. Cristian Manuel Pineda Pizaña

    taurus e- bike mi favorita

  37. wooo las quiero todas

  38. Youssef Errfig

    la bici te la ficco nel culo coglione

  39. Alvaro Alfonso Cabrera

    me gustaría mas que el modelo de la ultima bicicleta (la super 73 litium) fuese como la de un chopper pero asi esta bien, espero que saquen mas modelos

  40. SKarLexion 2311

    hola queantum tech HD 🙂

  41. y el precio $$$$ cuanto valen????….la proxima vez que subas un video , hazlo completo, joder …

  42. hey tú sí tú,flojo flojo flojo,.,.,.,

  43. que pena que sean tan caras

  44. saludame entu video pliss

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