5 Of The Best ELECTRIC BIKES You Can Buy

5 Of The Best ELECTRIC BIKES You Can Buy


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  1. I regain a bicycle of mother of own. I take back own mother's bicycle to herself. 自身の母の自転車を取り戻し返す。I exude oneself, I impound all terrorists, I impoverish every terrorism. Be the most phantom illusory self. Self-pursuit! Self-exudation! 滲み出し発散滲出する、テロリスト全員を囲いに入れ囲い込み拘置撤去保管す、押収[没収]する、あらゆるテロリズムを窮乏化す。最も幻想幻影自身であれ。自己追跡!自身追撃!自己追求!自身研究!自身仕事!自身従事!自己遂行!自己滲出!

  2. funkmasterjee

    Here's a tip. Only charge a Li-on battery to 90% and you should get a lot more life from the battery before it's ability to hold charge diminishes. In some cases 2X longer

    "Sentinel Wheel" is actually a pretty good idea.

    The Bolt M1 ; I don't know about USA but in UK (and E.U) it would be classed as a moped and you would STILL need a motorcycle licence, helmet, insurance and have to pay road tax. Was it styled by a blind person ?

  3. funkmasterjee

    More like "five of the electric bike companies that paid to be included in a video" XD XD XD
    Not necessarily the best.

  4. They need to do something about the cost of electric bikes in the West. In China, you can buy a quality ebike for $100 or $200 dollars. Here in the US, your looking at 3 or 4 grand.

  5. Lakshmanan Kannan

    price in inr

  6. wow awesome

  7. non hydraulic brakes … ?!


    where we can buy it what is the price of it

  9. When does the video start? Can someone just point me to the time in the video.

  10. sir but this bycicale

  11. Carpenter Family

    Clean Republic also makes a single [ front ] wheel solution called Hill Topper. It converts any bike into electric. I like it b/c none of the standard gearing is modified.

  12. it should say top 5 most expensive bikes that you should never buy

  13. maybe one day somebody will make a good quality ebike you can actualy buy that actually works well with good quality parts that last long and are not weak such as gearbox motors with brittle gearbox teeth that wear out after 2000 miles

  14. Sonu Choudhary

    very bad

  15. Sonu Choudhary

    very bad

  16. i wjsh i would know which ones are the best to buy in 2017

  17. Dan Moorcroft

    Shittest bikes

  18. attach in front and back and double the horse power.. for no. 3

  19. Hanranjit Kaur

    plz tell the prices in Indian rupees

  20. Philip Buckley

    ok there is something, for these people, selling their bikes, to think about…

  21. awesome cycles

  22. my sideburns are independent of my hair, that's why i rock a bald head and thick boot sideburns, im cool yo.

  23. One thing you can always count on in the comments section: Satire. I guarantee when those folks look in the mirror they see perfection. But, I'm pretty they're alone in that assessment.

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