5 Most Affordable, Attractive And Fastest Electric Bikes

5 Most Affordable, Attractive And Fastest Electric Bikes


The Fastest and Most Affordable Electric Bikes EVER


  1. Specialized levo is the only truly off road bike in this video, don't waste your money.

  2. Can manual pedaling recharge? I think this is the environmental protection function.

  3. Affordable my ass each bike is $1500.00 or more you can make one yourself, cheaper and it will be faster than these!

  4. hub motors. the newb , i dont care if it looks dorky, ebike solution

  5. Anthony Steele

    A 52v 15ah battery will take you about 50 miles on a magic pie motor and that's power only.

  6. Clean, Green … I don't think so. How much c02 was released during :-
    1. Mining raw materials
    2. Manufacturing bike components and batteries
    3. Delivery of assembled bike
    4. Battery replacement every 18 months
    Only democrats and climate change disciples PRETEND that zero c02 was released. These folks are known as factophobes or truthophobes.

  7. The people in Freeway ad aren't even their real voice.. if you look when the girl talks it is out of sync

  8. what is the price?



    what is the name of last ebike in video

  11. latest videos

    tell the price bro

  12. improvments that could be done with ebikes is ultra large battery storage space by using a longer frame like the length of a tandem frame and longer wheelbase for space for 48v 200ah -300ah capacity battery. people could design a ebike as large and as heavy as necessary to give 600 mile range at 20mph cruise speed

  13. david williams

    I have an ebike myself and I absolutely love it but no way would I get rid of my car man. I have a brand new 3.0 ltr twin turbo BMW.

  14. I was looking at the add motor e bikes. they look good most under 2500.00 ? anyone know the best mountain ebikes. Thanks guys

  15. Priyansh Goswami

    price of flux bicycle

  16. Wave- $1399. Sondors- $499. Flx-$1799, Freway-$499 (kickstarter fun raiser). Specialized Turbo Levo- $5640 USD. Those are summer 2017 prices folks.

  17. Jerome Johnson

    I bought me an evo cross—–out the door with shipping and assembly it was $3500 US.  Spendy?  Yes, but I adored the Haibike and the rear drive is just as powerful as the mid drive…next bike will be the Haibike—-hey guys, they are all a kick n the pants

  18. Hayk Hayrapetyan

    yeah baby!

  19. Tony Bradshaw

    The FLX bikes are rubbish …trust me I have one !!!!

  20. Wave eBike is a joke, bad customer service….real bad. It's a knock off Chinese bike. Flipping SAD

  21. the last is the specialized turbo levo which isn't affordable, matter of fact it actualy costs between $8000 to $12000 so yeah. not so affordable

  22. Please eliminate the music…can't focus on the speakers.

  23. The Wave e-bike was a massive failure

  24. This video is PURE SHIT and most are JUNK re BRANDED SHIT with NO BACKING on products or INFO of any kind.

  25. Everytime someone say global warming , I wanna punch him in the face !

  26. i hate commercials that pretend their product is the best thing to ever happen to the human race.

  27. Clearanceman2

    Just buy a used motorcycle. I just got a quote from progressive on a 500cc motorcycle including comprehensive for $75 a YEAR. This crap about saving insurance money is way over inflated.

  28. william docauer

    GLOBAL WARMING????????

  29. jimi D Cricket

    I love the guy I got health issues f*** you talking about a****

  30. Gilbert Desgranges

    Absolutely enjoy my 3 Sondors e-bikes. Added only the LCD panel as an upgrade and it has completely made the Sondor a great e-bike!

  31. I don't know if i got this right but you need to make it where the paddles when you ride it noraml have them where we can regenrate the power to rebuild the electricity back in the motor so we can charge it back up for another 26 miles.

  32. great for old farts that can't ride to the market anymore. those fat bike are just stupid.

  33. Darkshadow 111303

    5:27 "designed to take a beating" what was that then

  34. Dale McKinzie

    Is high fiving a requirement for making an electric bike commercial? lol

  35. Mr. Leiduowen

    3:17 Now these are some hot girls 😀

  36. nevermind commm


  37. Michael Perry

    Pretty disappointed your recommending the WAVE bike. They are pure trash and have terrible customer service. The bikes they sell are cheap generic Chinese cheap bikes re branded. They claim they are not but there's a lot of evidence to prove they do. They are slow at delivering and the bikes fall apart quick. Makes me wonder about the other recommendations and your other video's.

  38. Augustine E-Bikes an Conversion Kits 2017

    Good job on the video. Keep up the good work!

  39. river delacroix-barriball

    super cringe freeway

  40. Timothy Bradek

    What's the difference between a pedal assist bike and an e-bike? Can you have both? Who makes a good road touring pedal assist bike? In time, will the pricing come down for the middle class folks?

  41. CANNIBAL ಠ_ಠ

    How do we know their "affordable" if you don't say the prices?! 😬

  42. El Poderoso Sonido Kumbia Kid

    en donde las venden?

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