5 Best ELECTRIC BIKES You Can Buy In 2016

5 Best ELECTRIC BIKES You Can Buy In 2016


5 Best ELECTRIC BIKES You Can Buy In 2016 – Watch , Enjoy and don’t forget to Subscribe !!

5 Best ELECTRIC BIKES You Can Buy In 2016 you would love to have .
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  1. At 50" you can see Chumlee !

  2. ak47man71 kalash

    want want want

  3. Maciej Ząjaczkowski

    fajne rowery z tym na końcu

  4. dude where are you getting these price listings? on the cyclotron you say it's worth $2900, when it's really worth $144,960 plz help me get a discount if you found some Chinese shit or somthing

  5. is it possible to find an ebike that doesn't make me look like I take it up the ass for less than $4k?

  6. 4:20 that bike is so fucking unstable XD and who the fuck wears a all black jumpsuit when going out? XD what a joke LMAO

  7. you can help me.this project

  8. Abbot David Michael ThD

    You said "ride forever without recharging." What an outright lie. LOL



  10. are they available in india

  11. philippe petit

    and at last the rungu is an insult to intelligence

  12. philippe petit

    the cyclotron is so stupid ! hubless wheels will never work it's too much friction it's a stupid concept from idiot designer and one more question is why the motion presentation is only nightly does it mean this bike doesn't exist

  13. Herberth Schaffrath

    no thank you….. wenn du mal patschn hast, nein danke

  14. yes because I've got 5 grand to blow on a nice MTN bike when trying to scavenge parts to rebuild my old one as cheap as possible lol

  15. Stephen Church

    so where do u get these bikes

  16. Stephen Church

    so where do u get these bikes

  17. DHMTB Photography

    How is number one an e bike. Wheres is the battery?

  18. from where should we get it

  19. hermi cabreros

    hope this sondors bike can be introduce in the philippines,,

  20. Vello Bike price: ridiculus, inaceptable !!!
    Gl Flybike: ridiculus, inaceptable !!!
    Cyclotron bike: ridiculus, inaceptable !!!
    Sondors el bike: ridiculus, inaceptable !!!
    Rungu El ike: ridiculus, inaceptable !!!

  21. last one needs more work done to it looks bulky and heavy

  22. greenrefrigerator

    I absolutely LOVE #2 at 5:12, and the price is VERY reasonable.

  23. Gerry Nightingale

    The 'Sondors' looks like the only winner here! The price is realistic, and the ride should be excellent w/the 'monster-tires' on it.(it needs a front-fender, tho…that 'jumbo' tire will throw a lot of crap at anyone riding it w/o one)

  24. That PRO Gamer

    5:18 is not the future!!!!!…

  25. 坊や猫好き


  26. thats my design. give me my loyalty

  27. Nossa 3 e 1 são as melhores

  28. grau do interior

    muito bom, gostei!!!

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