10 best bmx bikes

10 best bmx bikes


Envy is the best
song:Lil Mama-Lip Gloss


  1. what you know bout me, more like what you know bout bmx

  2. Ednaldo Carvalho


  3. Carlito Junio

    if I have a bmx I would call it meta-pro

  4. Carlito Junio

    The song gave me an headaches

  5. احمد الكنق الكنق

    اشتركوا بقناتي

  6. Jackson Bretz

    you can tell this was made by a 12 year old

  7. Complete bikes don't look that good all these brands never heard of them only we the people also lmao 2012 flat plastic seat

  8. wheres the haro

  9. диана динтаева

    hello 2k17

  10. David Johnston

    las mejores bmx eran las de los años 80,90 eran vistosas y mejor diseño.como las SKYWAY,HARO,HUTCH etc .estas de ahora son de los mas sencillas parecen solo un poco de fierros soldados.yo prefiero aparte de una buena bici por calidad que se vea bien tambien es lo mejor

  11. Peyton Fleming

    Stock = trash

  12. Muhamed MEMISHI

    The best vid ever i like and turn on bell 🔔

  13. Wtf did top loads like not exist yet?😂

  14. What kinda stupid Dumas song is this

  15. Smith Films prodactions

    alle bikes sind scheisse

  16. Alexandre Gomez

    FlyBike and FitBikeCo the best

  17. what song is this?

  18. smooder is here

    Okay what about fit, cult, stranger, premo, kink, etc. all those brands are better than all of the ones in ur list

  19. Sonicwarriier36 Megatron

    to hackers104
    where can I get the we the people zodiac

  20. We the people trust and we the people zodiac are the best

  21. Why no fit bikes 🙁

  22. Richard 0'shay

    flatland morales '98
    fishbone (anything)
    gt preformer
    haro master freestyler
    torker '81
    and of the early Diamondbacks from the 80's

    Have to go vintage pro' but save your money😂

  23. iv watched this video 300000000 times but it feels like 1 .

  24. Top ten WORST bmx

  25. GoldRelsa Gamer

    all seats is for dick

  26. Santiago Torres

    puras bicis chidas puros trucones

  27. your jush painting over

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